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Our Story


Hello from the bottom of our heart!

We are two young ladies who in March 2014 officially launched this concept, of writing and delivering calligraphic letters like they used to do in the good old days!

With an assumed “naiveté”, ready for challenges and full of confidence, we recreated the most elegant form of communication. In times overwhelmed by virtual messages, sending a letter becomes the gesture that makes the difference, opens new dialogues and emotionally touches everyone. Even more, it builds up memories.

At present, our project is in continual expansion, due to our long-term business strategy, dedicated to the creative public and brands with the intent to bring about value in the relations with the customers, employees and their partners.

Enthusiastically yours,

Loredana & Cristina

Your letter


Whom can I send a letter to?

Simply to anyone you cherish (in Romania or abroad) who deserves such a surprise with a personal message.

How long does it take my letter to reach the recipient?

Within 2 – 3 working days (or even sooner).

In Bucharest we deliver by bicycle, and nationally and internationally by courier services, namely ~ Fan Courier ~.

If you have a precise date marking a special moment, just let us know and we shall deliver the letter exactly on that day.

Can I send a letter even if the recipient does not live in Bucharest?

The service is destined both for Bucharest and for the rest of the country and for abroad. We deliver to every corner of the world.

Why should I provide my e-mail address and the recipient’s telephone number?

We need your e-mail address to receive the correct message, in complete confidentiality, and for being able to communicate with you about any unclear issues or about the delivery of the letter.

What are my costs?

They depend on the type of letter you choose: the Mini Letter  (39 lei), The Letter in an Envelope with Seal (59 lei), The Puzzle Letter (69 lei), The Letter in a Glass Tube (69 lei), The Letter in an Envelope to Plant (79 lei) or the Letter in a Bottle (99 lei). If you exceed the limit of words mentioned for each letter, the text shall be returned or you shall pay an 30-lei extra fee.

If you desire to have your letter written and delivered on the same day, you shall have to pay an emergency fee of 30 lei (valid only in Bucharest). Furthermore, if you want it to be delivered on Saturday and Sunday in Bucharest, you shall have to pay a special transport extra fee of  30 lei.

If you opt for the creation of customised text by our team, there will be an extra fee of  45 lei. The delivery for Bucharest is 15 lei, and outside the capital city  20 lei.  For international deliveries, we need to know the country to calculate the transport cost. And for each additional gift you may consult the Gifts section.

How long should the text be?

We appreciate inspiration, just write from the heart, we only ask you to keep in mind that the paper on which we write for the ~ letter in a bottle ~ is transparent drawing paper and it can hold only 150 words. For the letter in an envelope with seal ~ 240 words. For the ~ Puzzle letter ~ 150 words.
* For the letters exceeding this limit, we perceive a 30 RON extra fee.

If I choose to compose the text, shall I receive it for validation?

This variant supposes text creation, with the help of key words from your part, then you shall receive an e-mail with our proposal and after the final confirmation we shall actually start writing the letter.

How do I pay?

  1. By credit / debit card. The payments are processed in conditions of maximum safety, directly by Our site ( does not require, does not use and does not retain any information about the cards utilized for the online payment.
  2. By bank transfer / payment order or cash deposit in our account opened at BRD, in the name S.C. Arta nu mușcă PR & Events S.R.L – RO62BRDE410SV72673884100 – RON

Beside the letter, can I add a gift too?

  1. Certainly. You either select the alternative of placing the letter in a bottle with distinctive elements, which means we shall also use a special paper (transparent drawing paper) which we shall burn on the edges and then introduce into the bottle. Or a bunch of flowers, depending on the occasion, or a sweet surprise. You will find them all in the  ~ Gifts~ section.

Why do I have to provide my e-mail and the recipient’s telephone number?

We need your e-mail address to receive the correct message, in conditions of confidentiality and to announce you about any unclear issues or the delivery of the latter. The recipient’s telephone number is important for an efficient delivery, also in regime of full confidentiality.

How do I find out that my letter has been delivered?

You shall definitely receive a confirmation e-mail.

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  • S.C. Arta nu musca PR Events S.R.L
    Bârnova Street, 5th District, Bucharest, Romania
    Bank account :  RO62BRDE410SV72673884100
    Bank – BRD
  • Tel: +40 742 749 855
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